gentleman jongin grabbing a chair for his luhan hyung (who wasn't feeling well) and insisting he sit down

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introducing: red velvet

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And then there’s Hyeri

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Baekhyun demonstrating his power to Chanyeol’s roommates

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13/ favourite exo moments: chanbaek on roommate.

baekhyun and the moving camera

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members being playful and adorkable around an injured baby Tao during rehearsal

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[20140727 Changsha the Lost Planet]


Wow okay Tao is sitting in the middle (whilst Exo dances around him). Ten guys (Exo) are now doing hip-thrusts at him. Hahahahahaha


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[TLP CHANGSHA] After talking to staff, fans confirmed that Luhan was feeling ill because of heatstroke. He already took medicine and is currently resting, so he’s okay!

cr:  鹿月浠

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